Flyway solution

Flyway offers a complete system customized for your business. System components include: 


Using our differentiated curriculum and interactive cards, Flyway creates therapeutic, educational experiences that include meditation, deep breathing, and yoga. Better than other teachers and classes, Flyway classes are customized for each group and measurable. Learn more about our cards and see examples on our blog.

Communication and capacity building 

Flyway helps clients develop self understanding and learn how to use their minds and bodies to manage and improve their health. With our support, including staff training, flyers, and handouts, Flyway helps providers talk to clients about whole body health, including chronic pain, stress, and anxiety. 

Data insights and analytics

From our curriculum, Flyway creates unique data insights that helps providers better understand clients and personalize care. In turn, these insights create better patient experiences, higher quality of care, and increase retention. 

Testimonials: Voices from Flyway experiences 

I liked the cards. They were very doable and create responsibility, which is a big part of recovery. Awesome! – Female, 46
I have had a terrible week, and it was nice to have a break and relax. - Male, 24
Meditation makes me feel more relaxed and comfortable emotionally. - Male, 45
I really liked the guided meditation. Like a TON. It seems to help relax and do a deeper inventory of myself. It makes me feel good. I left feeling less stressed and more optimistic. - Male, 27
Educational part was really powerful…the clients want the cards. -  Yoga teacher, Recovery Center