How to: Best yoga and meditation cards for you

All the time, we hear from patients that they love how they feel after yoga and want to do more of it. Mark, a 48-year-old from New Hampshire, is one of those clients. Before class, he shared that he had some muscle tension and anxiety. Yoga helped relieve that, and, afterwards, he wrote “I definitely plan to incorporate some yoga and meditation in to my day.”

 So, if you’re like Mark and want to add yoga in to your day, here are some best practices for getting started.  

What should you do? Experts agree that virtually any type of exercise or mindful movement releases endorphins and improves well-being. Fortunately, this means that it doesn’t really matter what you do. What does matters is that you find activities that you enjoy and can fit in to your life. Here are suggestions based on the Flyway cards.

  • If you’re feeling sad or depressed: Meditation is a good way to move your mind away your negative thoughts. Cards to try: body scan, candle meditation, or mindfulness meditation.

  • If you’re feeling tired: Gentle movement is a good way to get your blood flowing and build energy. Cards to try: Mountain pose, Cat/Cow pose, Five-pointed star and peaceful warrior.

  • If you experience regular pain: Research indicates that breathing techniques are an effective tool to relax your mind and detach from sensations of pain. Cards to try: Three-part breath, hands-on breath awareness, and relief breath.

Elizabeth Nesbitt